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I am Hassan Ballouk.
Business Coach
Based in Moscow, Russia.


More About Me.

My objective as a professional has always been ''gain and share knowledge and experience with others’’, having that motto, I have always been able to guide
and assist any organisation to its highest level of performance towards its long term objectives.

Reliable and hardworking professional with practical hands-on approach,who always perseveres to achieve the best results. Good management skills based on a highly reputable MBA degree and drawing upon psychological understanding of team members’ capabilities and characteristics, to enhance the performance of the team, as a part of a whole team system performance. Also, good communications skills with outstanding reporting and negotiation skills in both English and Arabic Languages. As well as problem solving skills and a proven track record in leading and developing projects to the highest standard.

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What I Do.

My main services are in field of business and education.

  • Business Coaching

    I provide Business process improvement and implementation services to SMEs and large enterprises in Moscow, such like: Castorama, Schneider Electric, Richmond Group, EDF Energy, BNP Paribas bank.

  • Business English teacher

    I provide Business English lessons for groups and individuals on different administration levels. Here some companies I have the privilege to work with: Cartier, Brown Forman, MK3, Equinor, Rosgosstrakh Bank.


I am multilingual

When I was a kid, I never realised I was growing up in a bilingual household. It became the norm for me, then I realised not all households teach their kids language bilingual. The question ''why we speak different than others?'' always pop up with no answer!. I grew up speaking English and Arabic. Down the road two more languages (Russian and Persian) were added to my cognitive set. The first two casualties of polylingualism are prejudices and biases. It becomes acceptable to be anyone. So as a result I am colour/race/faith/nationality/gender blind; metaphorically speaking.

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Career and Education

More of My Credentials.

Here in the following I put into your hands a brief review of my work experience and education, enjoy it!


October 2017 - present

CREF Education Centre

Business Coach

I oversee, assist, and guide entrepreneurs and business owners in developing, starting, and growing their business. As a Business Coach I help you to clarify your business goals and objectives and help you develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise. Some of the corporations I have the honour to work with: Castorama, Schneider Electric, Brown– Forman, Bnp Pariba Bank, EDF Energy, MK3, Richemont group and Cartier.

May 2016- July 2017

Parham Co.

Product Owner

My responsibilities were as the following: - I had to create and maintain products backlog. - Manage products road map. - Carryout all the tactical duties, such as SQL monitoring and MTMO messaging. - Create a financial forecast and tracks products performance. - Work with development team as scrum master.

March 2012 - September 2012

Escape House

Operation Team manager

May 2008 - November 2009

Majestic IT Solutions

Sales and Marketing supervisor


December 2013

University of South Wales

Master Degree

Master of Business Administration MBA.

July 2012

University of South Wales

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree Business Excellence (Innovation Management) with class Honour .

July 2010

Shell Livewire Program

Certificate of Managing Micro Projects

August 2009

Lebanese Association for Management Science

Certificate of General Management

August 2007

Asia Language Institute

Certificate of Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP)


See My Latest Projects.

In the following a vast overview of my career, I am proudly among the people whom I owe my success to.

Schneider Electric / Moscow, Russia / Global Specialist in Energy Management

Over a period of 2 years I successfully coached more than 12 employees on different Business English areas ranging from International Communication to Innovation and Social Enterprise.

Brown Forman / Moscow, Russia / Beverages Company

Over a period of 2 Years I successfully lectured and coached Brown Forman Employees on Business English Topics. We covered: Market entry strategies, Standardisation and differentiation, Competition within industries, Entrepreneurship, Crisis management and Leadership.

Equinor / Moscow, Russia / Petroleum Industry Company

Successfully guided Miss. Yana Kontorshchikova to score 8 in Academic IELTS. Successfully taught, Miss. Alyona Nikitina, business related courses such as supply chain, human resources, labour relations, finance, marketing, and management.

MK3 / Moscow, Russia / Building design company

Over a period of 1 year I proudly coached MK3 employees on Academic English topics such as Globalisation, Communication, Art, Psychology, Culture, Environment, Transport and Literature.

Richmond group /Moscow, Russia / luxury goods

For a period of more than 2 years I proudly worked with Mr. Andrey Golov on a well designed International Business English course. During this period we covered the following topics: International Marketing, Communication, Management styles, Building Relationships, Success, Job satisfaction, Risk, Customer Services and Team building.

Parham / Tehran, Iran

During the Time I worked for Parham co. an international Information Technology company.


See refrence letters.

Schneider Electric / Moscow, Russia

Equinor / Moscow, Russia / Petroleum Industry Company

MK3 / Moscow, Russia / Building design company

Rosgosstrakh / Moscow, Russia / Insurance company

Where to find me

Russia, Moscow

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Russia +79779189678
UK +447719810420